Tuesday, October 11, 2011

In A Slump? Meet Bob...

What's Holding You Back?

As mere mortals with all our shortcomings, we often overlook the fact that the biggest challenge to achieving the things we want in life lies within ourselves. The list of excuses we use to justify our lack of achievement is almost endless. If you are feeling as though your life is in a "slump" mode, it may well do you some good to get out of "yourself", and Meet Bob.

The following short story is true. It happened in 1994, and remains one of the most vivid, and inspirational memories of my lifetime.  Whenever I'm feeling down, or in a slump, I recall the times I spent with Bob. All my petty cares, self-pity, and that "woe is me" attitude soon evaporates...it is my hope dear friend, that Bob's story will have the same effect on you!

About Bob:  A True Story Of Motivation, Courage
And Sheer Determination

Try very hard to imagine yourself as a quadriplegic...you have absolutely no control over any part of your body below your neck - none. Your whole world consists of your hospital bed in a  kitchenette apartment, located in a small fishing village on Lake Superior, in northern Wisconsin.

You are in your early twenties, and there is absolutely no hope for your recovery...or that you will ever leave your bed unassisted. You must rely totally on others to feed you and to provide for all of your personal needs.  This is your life, your world...forever.

But wait a minute. You do have some assets. You have a sharp mind, and an exceptionally strong will to survive and be productive. A loving and supportive network of family and friends surrounds you. The home health care staff tending to you is dedicated and reliable.

Enter the WI State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. For privacy purposes, we'll call our subject Bob. The year is 1994, and Bob has been a client of the Dept of Voc Rehab for about two years.  Because of Bob's spunk and sheer determination to be productive, Bob has been equipped with a computer, printer, TV, radio, and a telephone...all operated by joysticks that Bob controls with his mouth!

My involvement with Bob came as a result of a phone call from the WI Dept of Voc Rehab in the fall of 1994. Would I be willing to serve as a tutor/consultant for one of their clients who needed some help with basic computer skills? I was both flattered and humbled by this request and accepted immediately. "By the way Jon, you need to know that Bob is a quadriplegic." WOW!

Working with Bob a few hours a week over the next six weeks proved to be one of the most uplifting and awe-inspiring experiences of my life. Our goal was to provide Bob with basic skills in installing software, and performing word processing tasks. Driven by sheer grit, determination, and a unique ability to focus, Bob was soon corresponding with out of town relatives and friends. He was also pursuing writing short stories as an outlet for his creativity!

Bob never complained... in the six weeks I worked with Bob the only time I ever heard  a complaint was when he hit a wrong key, or messed up with the computer in some minor way. Never a complaint about his circumstances, or the fact that he was about as physically handicapped  as any human being can ever be.

It is obvious that Bob was driven by an extraordinary amount of MOTIVATION, COURAGE AND SHEER DETERMINATION. Bob knew what he wanted, and by golly he was going to achieve his goals in spite of the huge roadblocks in his path. Many of us go through life not quite "hitting the mark" in terms of achieving our goals. The secret to achieving success is, of course as Winston Churchill so eloquently put it, "Never, never, never give up."

And so dear friend...when life has you in a down and out mood, and nothing seems to be going right, it is my profound hope that you can do as I do, and REMEMBER BOB!

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